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Kitten's Garage

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Kingdom Hearts is Love

Kitten works at Walt Disney World as a Professional Photographer at Disney/MGM Studios. You will usually find her taking pictures of the characters. She also is a freelance illustrator. Kitten is working on her children's book series and probably won't be done with all 5 for a few years. On her off time she enjoys watching Anime, working on her cars (Scion xB, Toyota Rav4), decorating the house, playing with her dachshund, sending time with her wonderful boyfriend and helping out the community.

She moved to Orlando in 2005 to be closer to her Friends, and to all the Disney Crack (we all know about her addiction).
She is very happy now with her new life. she makes wayyyy less money, but she is a thousand times happier. she works at disneya nd loves it, she has great friends, an adorable puppy, and a very loving and caring boyfriend, Clint.

Cheryl has a few BIG PASSIONS - Disney, Toyota (Scion adn Lexus included), and the Japanese Culture. tis why KINGDOM HEARTS is a perfect balance - Disney+Japanese = LOVE