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gardening, big lots, goodwill

so i tried to do some gardening. i bought 2 azaleas (light pink ones - perfect for japanese gardens) and gardening soil. I got home and started cleaning out the old soil - man the people who lived here before us failed to take care of anything! tons of weeds and pests. so yea, i guess i'll go back to lowes and get insect killer, spider killer and ant killer. then get the gardening fabric to prevent the weeds from harming my purdy azaleas! although at big lots they had the gardening fabric for REALLY CHEAP... so i may go there to get it instead. I heart BIG LOTS NOW

i also went to goodwill to do some clothing shopping. i have vowed to no longer buy new clothes unless they are on SERIOUS clearance.... but i will shop and get used clothes. i watched a thing on DR Phil about a family who takes army showers and shops regularly at goodwill and big lots. it was pretty cool to find out HOW MUCH MONEY THEY SAVED.. and you can get some kickin shit at GOODWILL if you shop in the RICH locations.....

anywho - it makes me feel good to change my life like this. i feel frugal, not poor =)


i have done 2 photoshoots in less than a week. (not including the ones at work, add 3 more for that)

I feel good.

Last week i did someone's baby photos, today i took a friend out and did some costume photos in the character's environment. will post when i upload them. I can't wait to share them! She will most likely post them b4 i do. lol


sorry i love eastern music

be it chinese, japanese, indian, middle eastern..... I LOVE IT!

painting again

haven't painted the walls in a while... clint took the initiative to finish the hallway.... so i'll try and work on the bedroom. OY!


i just finished a sh!t load of artwork for greenmustard.....

yay more portfolio work!

so hikaru is leaving

yes the rav4....

finally able to let it go. should be gone in the beginning of march.


a huge part of my life.... is about to leave my hands

details soon

Fuel to the Fire

if there is fire...... don't add gasoline, it just makes the fire bigger, and more out of control.

if there is fire..... try to gently blow it out, if it is too out of control already.... run away and don't look back... let the professionals take care of it, there is nothing you can do at this point

did i do something???? =(

i almost feel like i have upset some people.....

....and i have no idea why, or how or when.....

i hate that feeling

if you know anything (like if i upset you or someone else you know) please tell me so that i can fix it. i love my friends.... please help.


a friend of mine is in terrible pain right now. She just found out she has arthritis in the JAW. what a terrible place!!!!! i can't stand it in my knee!!! i couldn't imagine the JAW!

well she is so doped up on meds b/c the doctors won't give her any other options but to pump her with pain killers or steroids!!!! I feel terrible for her! =(

she can't eat, talk, yawn... anything without pain!

geez when i get a little TMJ i hate it.... i can't imagine arthritis! I send her my thoughts, love and prayers! i hope she gets better soon!!!!!